Banks in Zip Code 66049 (Lawrence, KS)

List of all 17 bank locations in Zip Code 66049 of Lawrence in Kansas.
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# Bank Branch Address
1 Capital City Bank Capital City Bank Folks Road Branch 4505 W. 6th Street, Suite B, Lawrence, KS - 66049
2 Capital City Bank Hy-Vee Branch 4000 W. 6th Avenue, Lawrence, KS - 66049
3 Capitol Federal Savings Bank Lawrence Dillons Branch 4701 W 6th St, Lawrence, KS - 66049
4 Central Bank of the Midwest Orchards Facility 1444 Kasold Dr, Lawrence, KS - 66049
5 Central Bank of the Midwest Sixth and Folks Road Branch 4340 West Sixth Street, Lawrence, KS - 66049
6 Commerce Bank 6th St Dillons Branch 3000 W 6th St, Lawrence, KS - 66049
7 CORNERBANK Lawrence Branch 1201 Wakarusa Dr. Ste B2, Lawrence, KS - 66049
8 Emprise Bank West Lawrence Branch 1121 Wakarusa Drive, Lawrence, KS - 66049
9 First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Independence 4311 W. 6th, Suite D Branch 4311 W. 6th, Suite D, Lawrence, KS - 66049
10 First State Bank and Trust Lawrence Monterey Branch 3901 West Sixth Street, Lawrence, KS - 66049
11 Landmark National Bank Lawrence Branch 4621 W 6th Street, Lawrence, KS - 66049
12 Mid-America Bank Mid America Bank 4114 W. 6th Street, Lawrence, KS - 66049
13 Peoples Bank Peoples Bank 4831 West 6th Street, Lawrence, KS - 66049
14 Sunflower Bank, National Association Lawrence Branch 4831 Quail Crest Place, Lawrence, KS - 66049
15 The University National Bank of Lawrence The University National Bank Of Lawrence 1400 Kasold Drive, Lawrence, KS - 66049
16 U.S. Bank National Association Northwest Branch 3500 West 6th Street, Lawrence, KS - 66049
17 UMB Bank, National Association Lawrence Branch 1441 Wakarusa Drive, Lawrence, KS - 66049

Bank locations in 66049

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