Banks in Zip Code 26505 (Morgantown, WV)

List of all 26 bank locations in Zip Code 26505 of Morgantown in West Virginia.
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# Bank Branch Address
1 Branch Banking and Trust Company Morgantown Main Branch 493 Spruce Street, Morgantown, WV - 26505
2 Branch Banking and Trust Company Sabraton Branch 1806 Earl L Core Rd, Morgantown, WV - 26505
3 Branch Banking and Trust Company Suncrest Branch 466 Chestnut Ridge Road, Morgantown, WV - 26505
4 Citizens Bank of Morgantown, Inc. Citizens Bank Of Morgantown, Inc. 265 High Street, Morgantown, WV - 26505
5 Clear Mountain Bank Earl Core Road 1889 Earl Core Road, Morgantown, WV - 26505
6 Clear Mountain Bank Sabraton Branch Kroger Store 1851 Earl Core Rd., Morgantown, WV - 26505
7 Clear Mountain Bank Suncrest Office - Kroger Store 350 Patteson Drive, Morgantown, WV - 26505
8 Clear Mountain Bank Suncrest Office Branch 1085 Van Voorhis, Suite 150, Morgantown, WV - 26505
9 Clear Mountain Bank Towne Centre Branch 502 Suncrest Town Center Drive, Morgantown, WV - 26505
10 First Exchange Bank 3081 University Ave. Branch 3081 University Ave., Morgantown, WV - 26505
11 First United Bank & Trust Sabraton Office Branch Route 7 East, Tin Mill Crossroads, Morgantown, WV - 26505
12 First United Bank & Trust Suncrest Centre Branch 651 Suncrest Towne Centre, Morgantown, WV - 26505
13 MVB Bank, Inc Sabraton Office Branch 10 Sterling Drive, Morgantown, WV - 26505
14 PNC Bank, National Association Suncrest Towne Centre 455 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive, Suite 101, Morgantown, WV - 26505
15 The Huntington National Bank Morgantown Main Branch 201 High Street, Morgantown, WV - 26505
16 The Huntington National Bank Suncrest Branch 3120 University Avenue, Morgantown, WV - 26505
17 United Bank Earl Core Road Branch 1750 Earl L. Core Road, Morgantown, WV - 26505
18 United Bank Morgantown Branch 154 Fayette Street, Morgantown, WV - 26505
19 United Bank Star City Branch 3441 University Avenue, Star City, WV - 26505
20 United Bank Suncrest Branch 990 Elmer Prince Drive, Morgantown, WV - 26505
21 United Bank Waterfront Branch 40 Hurley St, Morgantown, WV - 26505
22 Wesbanco Bank, Inc. Downtown Drive-Thru Branch 239 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, WV - 26505
23 Wesbanco Bank, Inc. Sabraton Branch 1350 Earl L Core Road, Morgantown, WV - 26505
24 Wesbanco Bank, Inc. Suncrest Branch 3051 University Avenue, Morgantown, WV - 26505
25 Wesbanco Bank, Inc. Suncrest Towne Center 101 Suncrest Towne Center Drive, Morgantown, WV - 26505
26 Wesbanco Bank, Inc. Westover Branch 9 Commerce Drive, Westover, WV - 26505

Bank locations in 26505

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