Banks in Zip Code 22401 (Fredericksburg, VA)

List of all 21 bank locations in Zip Code 22401 of Fredericksburg in Virginia.
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# Bank Branch Address
1 Bank of America, National Association Fredericksburg Branch 1481 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
2 Branch Banking and Trust Company Central Park Branch 1151 Carl D Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
3 Branch Banking and Trust Company Fredericksburg Jefferson Davis Highway Branch 401 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
4 Branch Banking and Trust Company George Street Branch 400 George St, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
5 Capital One, National Association Central Park Branch 1980 Carl D Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
6 Cardinal Bank Fredericksburg Branch 501 C Jefferson David Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
7 Community Bank of the Chesapeake Central Park Branch 1340 Central Park Blvd Suite 106, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
8 PNC Bank, National Association Celebrate Virginia South Branch 1001 Gordon West Shelton Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
9 PNC Bank, National Association Fall Hill Branch 2403 Fall Hill Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
10 PNC Bank, National Association 5701 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
11 Union Bank & Trust Fall Hill Branch 2811 Fall Hill Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
12 Union Bank & Trust Kenmore Avenue Branch 725 Kenmore Ave., Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
13 United Bank Central Park Br 25 Branch 1304 Central Park Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
14 Virginia Community Bank Breezewood Branch 10645 Courthouse Road, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
15 Virginia Partners Bank Cowan Branch 2521 Cowan Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
16 Virginia Partners Bank Virginia Partners Bank 410 William Street, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
17 Virginia Partners Bank Westwood Branch 2101 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
18 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Fredericksburg Shopping Ctr Branch 501 1/2 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
19 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Jefferson Davis Branch 325 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
20 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Princess Anne Branch 614 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401
21 Woodforest National Bank 0942 Carl Silver Parkway Wal-Mart Branch 1800 Carl D Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA - 22401

Bank locations in 22401

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