Banks in Zip Code 19963 (Milford, DE)

List of all 7 bank locations in Zip Code 19963 of Milford in Delaware.
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# Bank Branch Address
1 Artisans' Bank Milford Branch 100 Aerenson Drive, Milford, DE - 19963
2 Citizens Bank, National Association Milford Branch 652 North Dupont Highway, Milford, DE - 19963
3 CNB Milford Delaware Branch 698a North Dupont Highway, Milford, DE - 19963
4 County Bank Milford Branch 100 E Masten Circle, Milford, DE - 19963
5 Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company West Milford Branch 673 North Dupont Boulevard, Milford, DE - 19963
6 PNC Bank, National Association Milford Square Branch 655 N. Dupont Highway, Milford, DE - 19963
7 Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB Milford Branch 688 North Dupont Boulevard, Milford, DE - 19963

Bank locations in 19963

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location Map - banks in zip code area 19963


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