Banks in Zip Code 12144 (Rensselaer, NY)

List of all 6 bank locations in Zip Code 12144 of Rensselaer in New York.
Click on the branch name to get detailed information about the branch.
# Bank Branch Address
1 Berkshire Bank North Greenbush Branch 576 North Greenbush Road, Rensselaer, NY - 12144
2 First Niagara Bank, National Association North Greenbush Branch 600 North Greenbush Road, North Greenbush, NY - 12144
3 KeyBank National Association Rensselaer Branch 16 Second Avenue, Rensselaer, NY - 12144
4 KeyBank National Association Rensselear County Plaza Branch 281 Troy Road, Rensselaer, NY - 12144
5 NBT Bank, National Association East Greenbush 425 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer, NY - 12144
6 TrustCo Bank East Greenbush Branch 501 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer, NY - 12144

Bank locations in 12144

Check locations of all 6 banks in zip code area 12144 on Google Map.
location Map - banks in zip code area 12144


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