Woodforest National Bank

8214 White Horse Road Walmart Branch Greenville, SC
Information about the 8214 White Horse Road Walmart Branch of Woodforest National Bank in Greenville, South Carolina .
Bank NameWoodforest National Bank
Branch8214 White Horse Road Walmart Branch
Address6134 White Horse Road, Greenville, SC - 29611
Metropolitan Statistical AreaGreenville-Anderson-Mauldin, SC
Branch Deposits $ 975
TypeFull Service, retail office
Branch Established Date10/21/2009
Branch Number719
FDIC Certificate # 23220

Map & Directions

location Map - 8214 White Horse Road Walmart Branch of Woodforest National Bank in Greenville, South Carolina
Get driving directions to 8214 White Horse Road Walmart Branch of Woodforest National Bank in Greenville, South Carolina


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