The National Bank of Blacksburg

Head Office Address100 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA-24060
Established Date1891-01-01
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
National Bankshares, Inc. (Blacksburg, VA)
Number of Domestic Offices26
Total assets$ 1,146,186
Total deposits$ 974,453
Net income$ 8,305
Equity capital$ 165,914
FDIC Certificate6821
Bank Charter ClassNational Member Banks
List of all 26 branches of The National Bank of Blacksburg across US.
No. Branch Address
1 Abingdon Branch 968 West Main Street, Abingdon, VA - 24210
2 Corporate Research Center Branch 2280 Kraft Drive, Suite 1000, Blacksburg, VA - 24060
3 Hethwood Branch 900 Hethwood Boulevard, Blacksburg, VA - 24060
4 Hubbard Street Branch 101 Hubbard Street, Blacksburg, VA - 24060
5 North Branch 900 North Main Street, Blacksburg, VA - 24060
6 South Main Branch 3600 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA - 24060
7 The National Bank Of Blacksburg 100 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA - 24060
8 Bluefield Branch 511 Virginia Avenue, Bluefield, VA - 24605
9 Westgate Branch 2070 Leatherwood Lane, Bluefield, VA - 24605
10 Claypool Hill Branch 1155 Claypool Hill Mall Rd., Cedar Bluff, VA - 24609
11 Christiansburg Branch 46 North Franklin Street, Christiansburg, VA - 24073
12 Market Place Branch 120 Peppers Ferry Road, N.E., Christiansburg, VA - 24073
13 US Route 11 Branch U.s.route 11, Dublin, VA - 24084
14 Galax Branch 506 East Stuart Drive, Galax, VA - 24333
15 303 South Commerce Street Branch 303 South Commerce Street, Marion, VA - 24354
16 Cumberland Park Branch 604 Market Street, North Tazewell, VA - 24630
17 Fourway Branch 621 East Riverside Drive, North Tazewell, VA - 24630
18 Pearisburg Branch 201 Main Street, Pearisburg, VA - 24134
19 Pembroke Branch 611 Snidow Street, Pembroke, VA - 24136
20 250 N Washington Avenue Branch 250 N Washington Avenue, Pulaski, VA - 24301
21 Memorial Drive Branch 900 Memorial Drive, Pulaski, VA - 24301
22 2001 Norwood Street Branch 2001 Norwood Street, Radford, VA - 24143
23 Rich Creek Branch 370 Virginia Avenue, Rich Creek, VA - 24147
24 Richlands Branch 1905 Front St., Richlands, VA - 24641
25 Tazewell Main Street Branch 309 East Main Street, Tazewell, VA - 24651
26 185 E. Main Street Branch 185 E. Main Street, Wytheville, VA - 24382

Branch locations Map

Check locations of all 26 branches of The National Bank of Blacksburg across US on Google Map.
location Map - The National Bank of Blacksburg branches


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