Security First Bank

Head Office Address5505 Red Rock Lane, Lincoln, NE-68516
Established Date1924-07-01 00:00:00
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
Stockmens Limited Partnership (Rapid City, SD)
Number of Domestic Offices33
Total assets$ 843,295
Total deposits$ 706,318
Net income$ 2,885
Equity capital$ 88,194
FDIC Certificate5415
Bank Charter ClassState Nonmember Banks
List of all 32 branches of Security First Bank across US.
No. Branch Address State
1 Auto Bank Branch 1900 East Court Street, Beatrice, NE - 68310 NE
2 North 6th Street Branch 2301 North 6th Street, Beatrice, NE - 68310 NE
3 The First National Bank & Trust Company Of Beatrice Branch 120 North Sixth Street, Beatrice, NE - 68310 NE
4 Villa Branch 2211 Sunset Drive, Beatrice, NE - 68310 NE
5 Blue Springs Branch 101 East Broad Street, Blue Springs, NE - 68318 NE
6 Security First Bank, Chadron Branch 1328 West Highway 20, Chadron, NE - 69337 NE
7 Clatonia Branch 160 Washington Street, Clatonia, NE - 68328 NE
8 Cody Branch 104 East Nebraska Avenue, Cody, NE - 69211 NE
9 Cortland Branch 525 Highway 77, Cortland, NE - 68331 NE
10 Cozad Branch 818 Avenue F, Cozad, NE - 69130 NE
11 Crawford Branch 403 Second Street, Crawford, NE - 69339 NE
12 Elwood Branch 201 Smith Avenue, Elwood, NE - 68937 NE
13 Harrison Branch 289 Main Street, Harrison, NE - 69346 NE
14 Hay Springs Branch 231 North Main, Hay Springs, NE - 69347 NE
15 Garret Lane Branch 1300 Garret Lane, Lincoln, NE - 68512 NE
16 Lincoln Branch 5710 South 53rd Street, Lincoln, NE - 68516 NE
17 Lincoln Branch 8260 Northwoods Drive, Lincoln, NE - 68505 NE
18 Security First Bank 5505 Red Rock Lane, Lincoln, NE - 68516 NE
19 Security First Bank Teller Express 4811 Van Dorn, Lincoln, NE - 68506 NE
20 Van Dorn Branch 4811 Van Dorn, Lincoln, NE - 68506 NE
21 Merriman Branch 111 N Mills, Merriman, NE - 69218 NE
22 Overton Branch 501 C Street, Overton, NE - 68863 NE
23 Mobile Branch 101 East Second Street, Rushville, NE - 69360 NE
24 Rushville Branch 102 East Second Street, Rushville, NE - 69360 NE
25 Sidney Branch 1205 Jackson Street, Sidney, NE - 69162 NE
26 Thedford Branch 502 Main Street, Thedford, NE - 69166 NE
27 Valentine Branch 253 North Main, Valentine, NE - 69201 NE
28 Martin Branch 401 Third Avenue, Martin, SD - 57551 SD
29 Rapid City Branch 501 Quincy Street, Rapid City, SD - 57702 SD
30 Security First Bank - Operations Center 1540 Samco Road, Rapid City, SD - 57702 SD
31 Security First Bank Teller Express 1540 Samco Road, Suite B, Rapid City, SD - 57702 SD
32 Sheridan Lake Branch 5430 Sheridan Lake Rd., Rapid City, SD - 57702 SD

Branch locations Map

Check locations of all 32 branches of Security First Bank across US on Google Map.
location Map - Security First Bank branches


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