Security Bank

Head Office Address202 East Second Street, Laurel, NE-68745
Established Date1928-03-06 00:00:00
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
First Laurel Security Co. (Laurel, NE)
Number of Domestic Offices5
Total assets$ 183,542
Total deposits$ 159,975
Net income$ 1,120
Equity capital$ 21,679
FDIC Certificate5424
Bank Charter ClassState Member Banks
List of all 5 branches of Security Bank across US.
No. Branch Address
1 Allen Branch 101 West Second Street, Allen, NE - 68710
2 The Coleridge National Bank Branch 101 West Broadway, Coleridge, NE - 68727
3 Hartington Branch 102 North Broadway, Hartington, NE - 68739
4 Security Bank 202 East Second Street, Laurel, NE - 68745
5 Osmond Branch 321 N State Street, Osmond, NE - 68765

Branch locations Map

Check locations of all 5 branches of Security Bank across US on Google Map.
location Map - Security Bank branches


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