Scotiabank de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
List of all 32 branches of Scotiabank de Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico.
No. Branch Address
1 Aguadilla Branch Aguadilla Plaza Shopping Center, Aguadilla, PR - 00603
2 Arecibo Branch State Road 2, Km. 80.0. Hato Abajo Ward, Arecibo, Arecibo, PR - 00612
3 Bayamon Betances Branch Betances Ave. No 42-43, Bayamon, PR - 00958
4 Bayamon Este Branch Urb Industrial Minillas #174 Lot 100, Bayamon, PR - 00958
5 Plaza Del Sol Branch 725 West Main Ave. Suite 600-1000, Bayamon, PR - 00961
6 Rexville Town Center Branch Carr 167 Km 0.6, Bayamon, PR - 00958
7 Caguas Branch Carr. 1 Km. 33.6 Lote # 2 Bo. Bairoa, Caguas, PR - 00725
8 Caguas Branch Villa Del Carmen Shopping Center Car, Caguas, PR - 00725
9 Los Colobos Branch Plaza Los Colobos Ii, 65 Inf Avenue, No. 3, Km 5.4 Lot N, Carolina, PR - 00979
10 Plaza Carolina I Branch Plaza Carolina Mall, Carolina, PR - 00981
11 Plaza Cayey Carr. #1 Km. 55.6 Montellanos Mall, Cayey, PR - 00737
12 Plaza Fajardo Branch Carr. Estatal #194 Plaza Fajardo, Fajardo, PR - 00738
13 Guayama Branch Walmart Plaza Shopping Center, State Road #3, 134.7., Guayama, PR - 00784
14 Plaza Guaynabo Branch Carr. #20 Km. 3.4, Exp. Martinez Nadal Los Frailes, Guaynabo, PR - 00966
15 San Patricio Branch Gonzalez Guisti Avenue, Guaynabo, PR - 00968
16 Auxilio Mutuo Branch Torre Medical #735 Ave Ponce De Leon, Hato Rey, PR - 00917
17 Plaza Las Americas Mall Plaza Las Americas Mall, 1er Nivel, 525 Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue, Hato Rey, PR - 00919
18 Manati Branch Carr 2 Km. 45.6 Plaza Monte Real Sho, Manati, PR - 00674
19 Manati Branch Plaza Puerta Del Sol Carr #2 Km 49.7, Manati, PR - 00674
20 Mayaguez Branch Calle Mckinley Esquina Dr. Vady, Mayaguez, PR - 00680
21 Mayaguez Mall Branch Carr #2 Km 159.9 Bo. Guanajibo, Mayaguez, PR - 00680
22 Ponce Ii Branch Plaza Caribe Mall Carr #2 Km 227.9, Ponce, PR - 00731
23 Santa Maria Branch Munoz Rivera and Ferro Corrill Sts., Ponce, PR - 00731
24 Plaza Humacao Branch Humacao Plaza Mall Carr #3 Km 82.0 Bo. Rio Abajo, Punta Santiago, PR - 00741
25 Interamericana Branch Sein Street and Road Number 177, Rio Piedras, PR - 00926
26 Cupey Plaza Carretera 176 Km. 1.6 Cupey Plaza Bo. Cupey, San Juan, PR - 00926
27 Plaza Escorial Branch 65th Infantry Avenue, San Juan, PR - 00928
28 Scotiabank De Puerto Rico 290 Jesus T. Pinero Avenue, San Juan, PR - 00918
29 Norte Shopping Branch North Shopping Center, Santurce, PR - 00913
30 Santurce Branch 1077 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Santurce, PR - 00908
31 Trujillo Alto Branch Trujillo Alto Shopping Center, Trujillo Alto, PR - 00976
32 Vega Baja Branch Urb Cabo Caribe Carr #2, Vega Baja, PR - 00693
Here is the list of all branches of across US.

Branch locations Map

Check locations of all 32 branches of Scotiabank de Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico on Google Map.
location Map - Scotiabank de Puerto Rico branches


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