LCNB National Bank

Eaton, OH
List of all 2 branches of LCNB National Bank in Eaton, Ohio
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No Branch Name Address
1 Barron Street Branch 1697 North Barron Street, Eaton, OH - 45320
2 Eaton National Bank Branch 110 West Main Street, Eaton, OH - 45320
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location Map - Barron Street Branch of LCNB National Bank in Ohio

About LCNB National Bank

Head Office Address2 N. Broadway St, Lebanon, OH-45036
Established Date1877-05-10
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
Lcnb Corp. (Lebanon, OH)
Number of Domestic Offices37
Total assets$ 1,247,954
Total deposits$ 1,084,629
Net income$ 6,070
Equity capital$ 135,557
FDIC Certificate6623
Bank Charter ClassNational Member Banks


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