Citizens Bank of Ada

Ada, OK
List of all 4 branches of Citizens Bank of Ada in Ada, Oklahoma
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No Branch Name Address
1 Ada Arlington Branch 1717 Arlington Blvd, Ada, OK - 74821
2 Ada Wal-Mart Branch 1419 N. Country Club Rd., Ada, OK - 74820
3 Citizens Bank Of Ada 123 West 12th Street, Ada, OK - 74820
4 South Ada Branch 1400 S. Cradduck Road, Ada, OK - 74820
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location Map - Ada Arlington Branch of Citizens Bank of Ada in Oklahoma

About Citizens Bank of Ada

Head Office Address123 West 12th Street, Ada, OK-74820
Established Date1967-02-20 00:00:00
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
Citizensada Financial Corporation (Ada, OK)
Number of Domestic Offices4
Total assets$ 219,461
Total deposits$ 177,809
Net income$ 930
Equity capital$ 18,451
FDIC Certificate19679
Bank Charter ClassState Nonmember Banks


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