Central National Bank

Head Office Address802 North Washington Street, Junction City, KS-66441
Established Date1884-01-01
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
Central Of Kansas, Inc. (Junction City, KS)
Number of Domestic Offices36
Total assets$ 886,326
Total deposits$ 769,897
Net income$ 5,304
Equity capital$ 104,348
FDIC Certificate4702
Bank Charter ClassNational Member Banks
List of all 36 branches of Central National Bank across US.
No. Branch Address State
1 Beloit Branch 120 East Main, Beloit, KS - 67420 KS
2 201 South Fourth Street Branch 201 South Fourth Street, Burlington, KS - 66839 KS
3 Concordia Branch 130 East Seventh Street, Concordia, KS - 66901 KS
4 Gardner Main Branch 205 North Moonlight Road, Gardner, KS - 66030 KS
5 Gardner Wal-Mart Branch 1555 East Santa Fe Street, Gardner, KS - 66030 KS
6 Glen Elder Branch 101 South Mill, Glen Elder, KS - 67446 KS
7 Great Bend Walmart Branch 3503 10th Street, Great Bend, KS - 67530 KS
8 Halstead Branch 101 North Main Street, Halstead, KS - 67056 KS
9 Herington Branch 101 South Broadway, Herington, KS - 67449 KS
10 Hesston Branch 711 East Lincoln, Hesston, KS - 67062 KS
11 Hillsboro Branch 206 North Main, Hillsboro, KS - 67063 KS
12 Central National Bank 802 North Washington Street, Junction City, KS - 66441 KS
13 Finance and Administration Branch 100 Rimrock, Junction City, KS - 66441 KS
14 Junction City Ash Street Branch 1801 W. Ash Street, Junction City, KS - 66441 KS
15 Junction City Branch 540 West 6th Street, Junction City, KS - 66441 KS
16 Junction City Walmart Branch 521 East Chestnut Street, Junction City, KS - 66441 KS
17 Motor Bank Branch 116 West 8th Street, Junction City, KS - 66441 KS
18 Lawrence Branch 3110 Neider Road, Lawrence, KS - 66047 KS
19 Lawrence Branch 603 West 9th Street, Lawrence, KS - 66044 KS
20 Lawrence Wal-Mart Branch 3300 Iowa St. P.o. Box 4404, Lawrence, KS - 66046 KS
21 West Lawrence Branch 711 Wakarusa, Lawrence, KS - 66047 KS
22 Manhattan Branch 1403 College Avenue, Manhattan, KS - 66502 KS
23 Manhattan Wal-Mart Branch 101 East Bluemont Avenue, Manhattan, KS - 66502 KS
24 Mankato Branch 208 East South, Mankato, KS - 66956 KS
25 Marion Branch 231 East Main, Marion, KS - 66861 KS
26 Newton Branch 626 North Main, Newton, KS - 67114 KS
27 Salina Branch 454 South Ohio, Salina, KS - 67401 KS
28 Salina Walmart Branch 2900 South 9th, Salina, KS - 67402 KS
29 Tipton Branch 509 Main, Tipton, KS - 67485 KS
30 Topeka Branch 800 Quincy, Topeka, KS - 66601 KS
31 Topeka Wal-Mart Branch 1501 Sw Wanamaker Road, Topeka, KS - 66604 KS
32 centralnational.com Branch 800 Se Quincy, Topeka, KS - 66612 KS
33 White City Branch 101 East Mackenzie, White City, KS - 66872 KS
34 Wichita Branch 4838 West Central, Wichita, KS - 67212 KS
35 Mortgage Department Branch P.o. Box 268, Superior, NE - 68978 NE
36 Superior Branch 411 North National Street, Superior, NE - 68978 NE

Branch locations Map

Check locations of all 36 branches of Central National Bank across US on Google Map.
location Map - Central National Bank branches


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