Cadence Bank, N.A.

Apalachicola, FL
List of only branch of Cadence Bank in Apalachicola, Florida
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1 Apalachicola Branch 58 Fourth Street, Apalachicola, FL - 32320
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location Map - Apalachicola Branch of Cadence Bank, N.A. in Florida

About Cadence Bank, N.A.

Head Office Address2100 Third Avenue North, Birmingham, AL-35203
Established Date1887-05-01
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
Cadence Bancorp Llc (Houston, TX)
Number of Domestic Offices80
Total assets$ 8,226,472
Total deposits$ 6,766,149
Net income$ 28,519
Equity capital$ 1,273,434
FDIC Certificate4999
Bank Charter ClassNational Member Banks
Major banks in
Cadence Bank
Centennial Bank


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